Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges

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Y10 Booklist and Stationery Requirements
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About the Contributions & Charges

The Contributions, Fees and Charges detailed in this booklet have been endorsed by the WA College of Agriculture – Denmark Finance Committee and approved by the College Board.

The Contributions, Charges and Fees included in this document represent the maximum charge that the College can apply to accounts.

Year 10

Voluntary contributions for subjects are requested from Year 10 parents and carers. The College relies on all parents and carers paying their contributions in order to maintain the exceptional quality and integrity of the Year 10 program.

Year 11 and 12

College fees for ATAR, Agricultural and Agricultural Trades studies will include:

• Subject charges;
• Other optional course and activity charges; and
• Other services provided by the College, which are not directly part of the educational program.

Charges are costs for which payment is compulsory.

Files, Paper and Book Requirements

Files, paper and book requirements are now available to order through Campion Education with all orders completed online at www.campion.com.au by 10/12/2021 using 92BG as your code. Items are then delivered to the College for distribution to students in their own individual box.

Please note that these items can be purchased from any supplier, not just Campion Education. The College has engaged Campion Education as a convenience to the College community and in doing so, providing very competitive pricing.


Refunds will be made for all voluntary contributions, compulsory course charges and charges for other services provided by the College if unused. Refunds will be processed in accordance with the Department of Education Refunds Calculation Table for Secondary Schools and will be made if a student leaves the College through their own choice or through termination of residency. Fees paid beyond the immediate term are also refundable.

Communication from the College

Invoices will be provided to all parents / carers at the time an item is applied to your account at the College. Many extra cost options in this document are required to be paid prior to a student participating in an activity.

Statements summarising all billing items and payments received during the statement period will be sent as a hard copy to parents / carers twice per term. If a student changes a study stream or if your account goes into credit, you will receive communication from the College regarding this.

The College’s preferred method of communication is via email. Please ensure that you check your email account on a regular basis to avoid missing important communications from the College.

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