Dear Parent …

The College has a variety of opportunities for parents/guardians to become involved in their child’s school life such as the College Council, Open Day, Graduation Day and off-site residential activities.

The College also fosters open communication and close links between parents and staff by providing specific parent information meetings, annual student awards and social networking at special events.

Our Vision

WA College of Agriculture – Denmark educates the rising stars of the agriculture sector in an exceptional specialist school that the industry values, protects and nurtures.

Our Mission

Within an agricultural context, our mission is to develop in students the skills, knowledge and attitudes to reach their full potential and contribute positively to society.

We Value

  • Participation – in all aspects of College life and contribution to the community.
  • Responsibility – trusted to undertake tasks and being accountable for own actions.
  • Cooperation – supporting and respecting each other.
  • Care – having self-worth and consideration for others.
  • Excellence – having pride in achievements; striving to do one’s best.



  • The parade commenced at 3pm amidst a bevvy of enthusiastic onlookers.

  • Viticulture Display

  • Maths Project

  • Equine Girls

  • Metals & Engineering

  • Forestry looking good

  • Autos Shop

  • Beef Cattle Enterprise

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