Students pay two sets of fees to the college on enrolment:

1. Residential Fees
2. School Fees
3. Day Student Fees (only if non-resident)

Guidelines for the payment of residential fees including residential accommodation fees, and the management of the non-payment are defined in the Department of Education Contributions, Charges and Fees Manual. The College also has a policy in respect to a process for communicating with parents and carers on such matters.

Guidelines for the payment and management of school fees are again set by the Department of Education and are defined in the Contributions, Charges and Fees Manual.

Residential Accommodation Fees are paid in three instalments per school year or via an approved payment plan.

Refunds will be made for compulsory course charges and charges for other services provided by the College if unused; however, refunds of voluntary contributions and subject charges may not occur as items may have been purchased for, and partially used, by the student. Determination of this will be made if and when a student leaves the College.

The Principal and Manager, Corporate Services will calculate the refund with reference to the Department of Education Refunds Calculation Table for Secondary Schools. A refund calculation worksheet will be provided to parents and carers detailing items refunded.

Account already in credit? You can request a refund via the below form:

Request a Refund
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