The competencies attained in the Cert II in Agriculture (Bees) gives an indication of just how much our students learn about bees at the WA College of Agriculture – Denmark.

Whether it be from opening and re-assembling a beehive to carry our routine bee husbandry, building the skills and knowledge required to use a bee smoker, or assembling and maintaining beekeeping components to extracting and bottling honey…it’s all in a day’s work for our bee keeping students. They learn about the important role bees play as pollinators in agriculture – contributing to increased crop yields and food production, and how vital it is for their preservation. A sentiment shared by those celebrating World Bee Day today.

To take their training one step further, our Year 11 bee keeping students care so much about bees they are working on a special project with their Teacher, David Morrell, to build and/or re-vitalise old hives. Mr. Morrell said, “The project is assisting students to attain their competencies and hopefully instil in the community how vital bees are to the environment and agriculture.”  

Members of the community who wish to own a new hive or have an old or unused hive re-furbished, can contact the College Administration.

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