Business Plan 2020-2023

Business Plan 2020-2023

Located next to the picturesque south coastal town of Denmark, the WA College of Agriculture – Denmark is a 560 hectare working farm and educational facility for Year 10, 11 and 12 students offering a wide variety of studies and industry training with an agricultural focus. The College provides residential accommodation for both male and female boarders in the 95 bed on-site dormitories. A further one-third of students attend the College as day students with a bus service provided to and from Albany. The College’s prime location is both a strength and a motivation for the College to continue to deliver outstanding outcomes for its students, and develop strong partnerships with its school community, to ensure its long-term future.

Leading Light in the achievement of educational and training outcomes

As one of five Agricultural Colleges, the WA Colleges of Agriculture – Denmark is considered a leading light in the achievement of educational and training outcomes for young men and women in a diversity of agricultural and related fields. The College delivers Australian Curriculum courses to Year 10 students and WACE courses to Year 11 and 12 students. The College is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and delivers Certificate I-III level qualifications in a wide range of industry areas including: Agriculture, Automotive, Conservation and Land Management, Engineering, Equine, Forestry and Horticulture. Renowned for its outstanding Vocational Training and Education (VET) outcomes, the College has also developed an excellent reputation for its academic program with approximately one third of its students on an ATAR pathway. In addition to their academic program, all students at the College spend at least one day a week undertaking workplace learning on the College farm where, under the supervision of the College’s Agricultural Training Officers, they work toward the completion of a Certificate II or III in Agriculture. This wonderful balance of school and workplace training on a farm striving to achieve industry best practice ideally prepares students for a smooth transition into the world of work.

The tripartite nature of the College – school, residence and farm – ensures that, along with learning and achievement, student safety and care is of paramount importance. The College provides a home away from home for many of its students and takes on the responsibility of training young people in the “real world” environment of a commercial farm with all of its inherent risks. As such the College fosters a young adult learning environment and requires from all of its students a commitment to behave in a way that helps to ensure their own safety as well as others.

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