The WA College of Agriculture-Denmark delivers on its maxim “Excellence and innovation in agricultural education”.

Darren Scahill, Vocational Education Training Co-ordinator for the Certificate II and Certificate III in Agriculture, has introduced innovations into the training program at the College.

A new website, developed purely for students to help them to achieve their competencies, was launched earlier this year and is proving its worth as we progress through the school year.  This advanced training tool takes students through the skills and knowledge required for each unit of competency step-by-step; and clearly outlines the components of each unit. It provides written and visual media such as video demonstrations, all geared towards student training and skills development. ”It certainly was a distinct advantage during the COVID19 restrictions, providing on-line training at home.”  Said, Mr. Scahill.

Whether a student is learning to muster and move livestock, plant horticultural crops, drive a tractor or operate basic machinery and equipment they can log into the training App and access training information specific to their course of study.

“Students will also be able to complete questions that test their knowledge of competencies on-line, something that up until now, they have had to provide in writing,” said Principal Steve Swallow, about the new learning initiative. “Responses are provided in real-time so a student can easily track how they are performing in any one area.”

Students studying for the Certificate II or Certificate III in Agriculture are attaining a qualification that provides an entry level occupational outcome in agriculture, putting students from the WA College of Agriculture-Denmark ahead in the employment stakes.

Pictured: Year 11 student, Jack Wellstead using the software during class.


WA College of Agriculture-Denmark student Asher Trom-Wright has secured a place in the Equine Programme at Marcus Oldham College, Victoria. Asher’s application for the significant Australian Equestrian Scholarship sponsored by Equestrian Victoria is valued at $11,500.00. The highly competitive Scholarship is offered to Australian and international students enrolled or intending to enrol in the Diploma of Equine Management Program.

Asher wants to further improve his practical skills and acquire a thorough understanding of the equine industry through further study and wrote a compelling essay to support his application. “The biggest challenge I see facing the equine industry in the next 10 years will be to make new rules concerning animal welfare that will satisfy the public that horses in their interactions with human beings can live a healthy and happy life from the time they are foals all the way into their old age.”

Asher said he has been around horses since he was very young and over time, has found that he has a good rapport with horses. “I find it interesting how using different methods of training for different types of horse will get the best out of them. Currently I am breaking and training horses as well as trying my hand at re-educating horses for and from different disciplines.”

Principal Steve Swallow said, “Marcus Oldham is well-regarded for providing an internationally recognised Diploma of Equine Management and the College through its own equine programme has been able to provide Asher with a firm grounding in his chosen field of study”.

The degree aims to equip students with the practical husbandry and business skills necessary for a successful career in equine management.

Pictured: Asher doing what he loves, Polocrosse. This has been a new sport for Asher in the last year and one which he would love to get more involved in, COVID restrictions have made some events not possible.


Follow the Dream is a secondary aspirations program run throughout Western Australia that supports Indigenous secondary students to reach their potential and work towards tertiary studies, further training, or meaningful employment. (Ref: Follow the Dream, Albany)

WA College of Agriculture-Denmark student Talan Rogers submitted a successful application to attend the Follow the Dream Outward Bound Camp, which is designed to build student resilience, confidence and leadership skills in a challenging, but safe, outdoor environment.

During the six day camp, Talan who is in Year 10, will be involved in activities such as hiking, rafting, high ropes, leadership and team building. There will also be inspiring sessions included in the program like environmental stewardship and considering ones impact on the world. For example, participants will be involved in invasive species management –removing invasive snails from the Walpole Inlet dunes.

Principal Steve Swallow said, “The Outward Bound Camp presents a chance for one of our young students to gain valuable outdoor skills and personal growth as they test themselves to do things they would not normally do … skills that test their capabilities and strengthen their outlook on life. Places were limited and applicants were required to show high levels of school attendance, behaviour, and dedication to their studies. We were delighted that Talan was selected, she will be a great ambassador for the College.”

Goal setting and pushing the limits is all par for the course. There will be no mod cons such as accommodation or bathrooms. 18 students from six schools will be participating.

Student Council to meet with Deputy Director General-Schools

On Friday October 16th 2020 the Deputy Director General-Schools, Stephen Baxter and the Regional Executive Director-Southwest Region, Alison Ramm, will visit the College and during their visit will take the opportunity to meet with the Student Council. Various members of the Education Department Corporate Executive will be in Albany during Week 1, as part of the Education Conversations conference.

Pictured: WACoA-Denmark Student Council

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