Old Collegians

Jason Sykes (2010 – 2012)

I started at the Denmark Agricultural College as a Year 10, as one of the first group of Year 10’s taught at the College.  As time progressed throughout the years and classmates matured, we formed a common bond that all ex-Aggie’s would agree we have, the ability to work hard, enjoy working outside, and getting our blues dirty.

My knowledge gained at Ag School you cannot learn in a book. It’s not possible to teach the subjects and fields that Ag school has in a typical formal classroom environment. I’ve never met a group of people that are willing to be so committed to a job, and put a lot of their own time into it. I believe this made learning more enjoyable because the people that taught us truly believe in what they do.

During year 12 I got elected as head boy. Being chosen to represent the school was a privilege and gave me another perspective on how the Ag School ran. It taught me a set of skills not easily obtained, and I believe has motivated me to be a more understanding person. In all, having graduated Ag School has paved a pathway for my future working years, as the skills and knowledge I have learnt during my 3 years there I now use every day.

I decided to start my own fabrication business – Sykes Custom Fabrication. This has made me look into getting a qualification in engineering drafting, which a lot of the work I do at the moment is based upon. I have already completed some of the units at Ag school which I can use for recognition of prior learning to shorten my course and by doing this, can open the doors to the world of engineering production which I am very interested in.

I hope to keep in contact with my fellow ex-Aggies, but at times it is hard as we are spread out over a lot of WA, and Australia.


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