Old Collegians

Lewis Newton

“After graduating I was awarded a scholarship and I moved to Victoria to study Equine Business Management at Marcus Oldham College.  Since completing the Diploma I have been in New South Wales training in top dressage stables with trainers such as Matthew Dowsley and Clemens, Judy and Daniella Dierks.  At the moment I am working for C & J Dierks Advanced Dressage Centre in Arcadia, NSW.

I moved over east by myself in January 2016 and have been living away from home since.  I miss my family, friends and my dog but I love being in NSW.

I have my dream job as I ride some of the best horses in Australia every day.  I work with great people and I have met so many great friends within the industry.

Next year will be a massive year for me as I will hopefully start my horse in the Grand Prix which is the highest level of dressage.  This year I will be competing in the CDI-Y which is an international Prix St George for young riders.  I have very good sponsors that support me and keep my horse looking the best.

Graduating from Denmark Ag was very important for me as it helped me get my scholarship to Marcus Oldham College.  It also gave me the skills to go into the workplace.

I have a lot of goals for the future. The main goal I am focusing on is to get to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, we have a few years and I have a very good horse so it is definitely a realistic goal.  I plan to keep training hard and to start taking on more of my own clients and building a team of horses.  One day in the future I would consider taking my horse to Europe for some intense training and competing.

Whenever I get the chance to get back to Western Australia I always try to catch up with the friends I made at Denmark Ag.”

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