College Ball Information

College Ball Information

2020 Easter Ball – POSTPONED due to COVID-19 Social Distancing requirements.


Dear Parents and Guardians

The ball is an exciting event on the school calendar and forms an important part of the students’ social life on campus. To ensure that it is also a safe event, and to discourage students from attending ‘afters’ parties, it is our preference that students return to the College after the ball.

Students will only be released on Wednesday night from the college to parents or legal guardians. Students will not be permitted to self-drive from the college on Wednesday night. Students will be required to submit leave arrangements via REACH; students staying overnight after the Ball will be transferred on Thursday morning to Albany/Denmark to catch either the TransWA bus or REX Flight.

As this is a school initiated activity, students are required to abide by the established school rules. Where there is a breach of any of these rules, contact will be made with parents and appropriate action will be taken. This may include, parents being asked to collect their son or daughter from the Ball. Students are reminded that the College has a no tolerance policy in relation to alcohol and other drug use.

Students can leave residence after the ball according to the following guidelines:

– A leave form is submitted by a parent/guardian. The leave will be approved by the College and must be a parent/guardian. If your child is on the Ball Committee, they will be required to stay back and assist with the clean-up. Please take this into consideration re your leave forms.

We will not approve siblings/friends or parents of other students to collect your child.

Students requiring bus/flight transport on Thursday will not be given leave and will return to College after the Ball finishes.

Students are deemed to have commenced term holiday leave from the time of collection by a parent or legal guardian and may not return to residence until after 4:00pm, Monday 27th April, 2020; please note that staff will be collecting students from the airport/bus and will not be on site until that time.

Partners who arrive at the College in their own vehicle will be required to leave their vehicle at the College; collecting their vehicle at the end of the evening.

All students and guests attending the ball must wear appropriate ball attire.

If you require further information regarding this excursion, please contact Kelli Gillies, Residential Manager on 98480203.

Action Required:

All parents / carers of students attending the ball are required to read, understand, sign and return the following consent form:

2020 Easter Ball Permission - WACOA Students
371 downloads 2020 Download 141.2 KB

All parent / carers of partners attending the ball are required to read, understand, sign and return the following consent form:

2020 Easter Ball Permission - Partner Consent
323 downloads 2020 Download 180.6 KB



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