No student is to leave the College campus without gaining official permission from an appropriate staff member. Parents are responsible for completing and signing leave forms and returning to College via fax or email marked Attention: Residential Manager.

Qualification of Leave

Leave outside normal authorised Department of Education breaks should be considered a privilege, and will only be granted if students:

  • Ensure leave arrangements are finalised by Wednesday 3.00pm.
  • Are not rostered to perform any duty
  • Ensure a replacement for weekend farm duty (if applicable) if a replacement can not be arranged LEAVE WILL NOT BE GRANTED.
  • Are dressed correctly
  • Have no penalty to complete
  • Have not been gated
  • Short leave is only permitted with parental permission
  • Letters of approval are in the college administration’s possession prior to departure. (Host permission, parent permission, travel permission)

Approving Authorities

Town or local leave (not overnight) Residential Supervisor on duty
Town or local leave (overnight) Residential Manager
Weekend Leave or other Residential Manager


Is the responsibility of students to arrange with his/her parents or guardian. The college will assist, if required, to arrange bookings. All students are encouraged to obtain a TransWA Smartrider concession card.

Departure and Return

Timings will normally be advised, however, on leave weekends and term holidays, students are NOT to return to the college prior to 2.00pm the day before classes recommence.

Students and parents are required to check out by signing with the Residential Supervisor when going on leave from the College. Rooms must be left in a clean and tidy condition. Students must report to a Residential Supervisor on return.

You can download the weekend leave form here. Completed forms are to be emailed to the College via denmark.wacoa.resleave@education.wa.edu.au.


Further Information: Kelli Gillies, Residential Manager, 0428 480 203


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