Old Collegians/Ex-Aggies

Old Collegians/Ex-Aggies

Stay Connected – Become a Life Member

The Chair and Committee of the Old Collegians Association invite all past students to become members of the Denmark Old Collegians Association, Western Australia.

The Association is served by an elected Committee and strives to:

  • Foster fellowship amongst all past students
  • Promote the many affiliated groups of the Association
  • Assist in allowing past students to remain in contact
  • Promote the welfare of agricultural colleges in WA
  • Promote advancement of students leaving the WA College of Agriculture-Denmark through sponsorship and mentoring.

The Association offers members an excellent opportunity to network at events and keep in touch with friends and colleagues. It also fosters life long connections between past students. Affiliated groups conduct regular events to celebrate special occasions such as a reunion program.


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Ex Aggie’s – Story Board

The College is always interested to hear stories from Old Collegians and Ex-Aggie’s to see where their career paths have led them. Please let us know your stories and news.

Among the College staff we are proud to have a number of graduates return to work with us including Deputy Principal, Mr Steve Swallow; Teacher Miss Claire Petrie and Agricultural Industry Training Officer Mr James Skipper. 

Recent Communications from the Association Chairperson.
September 2018:

What’s in a name? Does the Old Collegians make you think of wizened old men or rather does it remind you of happy days at the school or College? Hopefully, the later. However, it is suggested that the name
should be updated and the Constitution amended. Maybe you have more suggestions for the future direction of the Association but don’t know how you can have any input.

As with all associations, there are some things that must happen. One of these is the Annual General Meeting. This could possibly be held at the College on a suitable date to be determined. Most positions will be declared open. They are President, Vice President, Secretary and committee members. Now is your chance to make a contributon to the association (and the College). You will have to be a member to hold a position, vote or have your say and forms for this are available by email or by contacting the College. These are not onerous tasks but they are necessary to secure the future of the association. Please contact me at the above email address to confirm your commitment.

The George Elliott Memorial Scholarship will be presented to a student on Graduation Day by the Old Collegians Association.

Having just attended the College Open Day we are pleased to have been able to have had contact with lots of past students from all stages of the Agricultural education history of Denmark. The display was manned by Mike Martin, Tom Marsden, Mel Thomas, Warwick Jones and myself. We thank the Leadership group for the invitation to participate. Once again we joined Bev and Ross McGuinness of the Historical Society who have done a wonderful job with their books of the history of the school and College.

The names of past students on the Don Sheed Honour Wall continue to increase, with the monies received to go towards College projects. Remember, this is for everyone. So, if you were a student in the ’70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, or 2000s, consider having your name on the wall in recognition of your attendance.

In other news – Donnybrook Football Club has made it to the Grand Final of the SWFL. On 9 September they defeated Bunbury FC by 26 points. Stephen Beal (a former student) was terrific in the ruck until a knock on the knee in the last quarter forced him from the ground. His father, Kevin Beal (former Principal of the College) was there to watch along with myself, a former player for Donnybrook in the 1950s. We’ll be at the Grand Final on 23 September to barrack for the team and hopefully celebrate their win.

All the best for Graduation Day to the students.

Don McCausland

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