Biological Farming Trial in Cattle Pit

A trial has commenced at WACOA-Denmark to investigate the impact of biological stimulating fertilisers as compared to conventional fertilisers currently used on the farm.

Science and Biology teacher Rob Calcraft, in conjunction with Farm Manager Fred Knight and David York, have commenced the trial in the “Cattle Pit” adjacent to Jack Moore drive. The aim of this trial is to test and measure soil and plant improvement through the use of fertilizers and additives that promote the biological activity in the soil.

It has long been known about the symbiotic relationships between rhizobium bacteria and nitrogen fixing plants, as well as the mycorhizzal fungi and its relationship with plant root systems.  However latest research suggests a much more complex web of relationships between soil microorganisms and plants.

Soil improvement through biological means is a sustainable practice that protects the land for future use, as well as reducing high soluble nutrient run off into local waterways.

Year 10 Science and Year 11 Biology students will measure the progress of this trial as part of their studies over the coming months at the College.

School Principal, Kevin Osborne said, “This is a great example of the integration of Science and Biology with Agricultural practices at the WACOA-Denmark and aligns with the school motto of “Excellence and Innovation in Agricultural Education.”

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