Annual Report 2017

Read all about the College operations and achievements in the 2017 Annual Report, now located on the website under the “For Parents” tab.

The Annual Report provides a means of reporting on the College’s accomplishments over the year and how these, have in turn benefited the students. It also provides comprehensive financial reporting that demonstrates how the College’s finances were managed, in addition to reporting against the Business Management Plan in meeting strategic objectives throughout 2017.

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Business Plan Sets College Strategic Direction

The WA College of Denmark’s Business Plan 2017-2020 is developed in consultation with all College staff, the College Board and Agricultural Advisory Council. It aligns with the Department of Education Strategic Plan 2016-2019 High Performance, High Care and the Framework for Agricultural Education 2017. It also reflects and supports the following Department of Education policies and directions:

  • Classroom First Strategy
  • Focus 2017

The Business Plan reflects the tripartite nature of the WA College of Agriculture – Denmark: the school, on-the-job workplace training on the College farm and the residential component. The School self-assessment is an integral part of maintaining and improving the performance of the College. Our 3-year Business Plan is data driven and guided by our self-review cycle. The 3-year Business Plan is then translated into Operational Plans which are monitored and reviewed each semester.

Download: 2017 – 2020 Business Plan

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