College Board

College Board

The Board of our College works with the College community to achieve the best outcomes for students.

The Board plays an important role in contributing to good governance so that College resources are used efficiently, and community expectations and the College’s priorities reflect the needs of students.

The functions of the Board is covered by legislation and include both approval and advisory roles. Some of the matters our Board may make decisions on include fees and charges, book lists, sponsorship and dress codes. The College Board makes these decisions with the principal and others who ensure the decisions adhere to legislative and policy requirements.

The Principal may also seek the advice of the Board to inform themselves before making management decisions. Board members have the right to understand the Principal’s decisions (except where they involve confidential information and decisions about people or families.)

The Board does not intervene in the control or management of the College. This is the role of the Principal.

Being a Board Member

Being a member of our Board is an important and rewarding role that contributes greatly to the success of the College. Members include the Principal, parents, staff, and others from the wider community who can lend their skills and expertise to the College. Parents and community members must form the majority.

The Board meets twice in terms 1 and 4, and once in terms 2 & 3. Where possible the College tries to align the meetings to boarder weekends or end of term to assist the attendance of out of town parents and community members.

Current Board Member Vacancies
2022 Community Member Vacancy - Nomination Form - Closing Date: 12 November 2021
86 downloads 1.0 Download 120.8 KB
2022 Parent Representative Vacancy - Nomination Form - Closing Date: 12 November 2021
95 downloads 1.0 Download 614 KB

Full details of vacancies and how to apply are included in the above documents.

Notification of Ordinary Meetings

In accordance with the College Board Terms of Reference, below are notices of ordinary meetings:

Name Downloads Version Download File Size
College Board - Agenda for Meeting 28/10/2021
76 downloads 1.0 Download 138.4 KB
College Board - Agenda for Meeting 01/12/2021
63 downloads 1.0 Download 135 KB

Current Board Members

Steve Jones Board Chair and Community Member
Rebecca Kirkwood College Principal
Lisa O’Farrell Parent Representative
Josie Keam Parent Representative
Mietta Skinner Parent Representative
Jacqui Schinzig Parent Representative
Vacant Community Member
Tracy Milton Staff Member
Rob Calcraft Staff Member
Daniel Gibbins Staff Member
Rosemary Wolter Executive Officer


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