National Training Packages

National Training Packages

AHC10216        Certificate I in Agrifood Operations

AHC20116        Certificate II in Agriculture

AHC21310        Certificate II in Shearing

AHC21416        Certificate II in Wool Handling

AHC20310        Certificate II in Production Horticulture

FP120105         Certificate II in Forest Growing & Management

AHC21010        Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management

MEM20198       Certificate II in Enginerring

AUR20512        Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology

21908VIC          Certificate II in Equine Industry

AHC30116    Certificate III in Agriculture

Additional training and certificates also available include:
Farm Safety
Artificial Insemination
Driver Training
FESA Bush Fire Fighting
Senior First Aid (Delivered by South Regional TAFE)
Chemcert Using Chemicals Safely
Healthy Lifestyle and Health Education workshops
Recreational Skippers Ticket
SCUBA Diving
Chainsaw Operator Course (Delivered by South Regional TAFE)
Certificate II in Hospitality (Delivered by South Regional TAFE)
Certificate II in Aquaculture (Delivered by South Regional TAFE)

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